We are in the profession of reaching out to people, who have become dependent on drugs and alcohol as means of survival in their daily lives. In other words, in order to survive on a daily basis or toward off withdrawal symptoms, drugs and/or alcohol necessarily have to be consumed. All such people may be called as addicts and/or alcoholics.

We at Sphoorthi Foundation have a residential facility to treat Alcoholics and Drug Addicts. We help people to completely change their way of life by providing them the best Treatment and Rehabilitation in a hygienic, homely and peaceful environment. We also provide them with after care services after discharge. We follow a proven recovery process which caters to the patient and his family, personally and professionally.

Our primary purpose is to help people save their lives from the clutches of alcohol and drugs.
Detoxification is necessary to enable the patient to not only overcome his/her withdrawals but also to get him/her
Addiction to substances is a mental disease and the real test to the recovering user will be when in reality, he/she is face to face with situations
It is possible to completely re-structure one's life and even be an example to others in the way a person can change.
  Obsession & Physical Sensitivity
    Alcoholism is an illness, a progressive disease, which cannot be cured but which like some other illnesses can be arrested. This illness represents the combination  
  Five Dimensional Damage
    An Alcoholic/Addict's indulgence in the use of alcohol/drug in any form, either continuously or periodically, usually results in a disruption of his/her family and social relations.